Diabetes – What Causes It And How To Control It

There are many people who have suffered from diabetes for years. Some of them have tried to control their blood sugar levels with diet, exercise and medications but none of these methods has worked. Others have gone to doctors and been told that they are just fine, and that there is nothing wrong with them. The fact is that diabetes is a very serious disease that can affect any person at any age. There is no way to know if you have it until you get tested. If you have diabetes, you need to find out what causes it and how to control it.

What Is Blood Sugar?

When your body uses glucose, it needs to get rid of the excess. This is done through the process of digestion. When your body does not have enough insulin to help with this process, it will use other things to get rid of the glucose. These other things are called glucagon and adrenaline. Glucagon will raise your blood sugar level. Adrenaline will lower your blood sugar level. When your blood sugar level is too high, you will feel tired, hungry, thirsty, and weak.

If you do not take care of your blood sugar level, you will be in danger of getting very sick. Your body will become dehydrated and you will develop kidney problems. You may also develop heart disease.

What Causes Diabetes?

In order to understand what causes diabetes, you need to understand what is normal blood sugar level. The normal range is between 70 and 100 milligrams per deciliter (mg/dl). A healthy person’s blood sugar level should be less than 140 mg/dl. People who have diabetes have a blood sugar level that is higher than the normal range. The level is usually over 200 mg/dl.

There are several different causes of diabetes. The most common cause is obesity. This is because when a person is overweight, the pancreas cannot produce enough insulin to keep up with the extra fat. Another cause is being born with an inherited gene that makes it difficult for the pancreas to make insulin.

What Are Diabetes Symptoms?

If you have diabetes, you may notice that you have excessive thirst or urination. You may also notice that your urine is darker colored than normal. If you have diabetes, it is important that you find out why your blood sugar level is so high. You should also talk to your doctor about what you should eat and what you should avoid. Your doctor can give you specific instructions to follow.

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